Wake ‘N Shake 2021

Wake ‘N Shake 2021 Update

Due to the pandemic, Wake ‘N Shake is pivoting to a primarily virtual event. We will be hosting virtual fundraising challenges and interactive events throughout the week of March 22nd to March 27th. However, to instill the traditions of this beloved philanthropy event, we are planning in person (off and on-campus) and takeout restaurant fundraisers throughout the week. The events of the week will culminate in an hour-long streaming of our traditional final hour. We hope to hold this in person throughout campus in outdoor tents, but this event will be moved to a virtual setting if the environment of the school deems that necessary. Throughout the week, dancers will hear from champions via recorded speeches. Check out our Instagram @wfuwakenshake to find out this year’s theme!

Event Description:

To celebrate our theme of Togetherness this year, each day of the 2021 Hybrid Wake ‘N Shake will have a sub-theme that embodies the spirit of Wake ‘N Shake despite being physically apart. Each sub-theme represents a team associated with one of our 6 champions. Every dancer will be assigned a team and will receive a meal on one day of the week. Typically, Wake ‘N Shake is created around movement, passion, and community so we have designed this Hybrid version to embody all three of these elements. Each day will include a virtual challenge to engage participants and a partnership with a local restaurant or business within Winston-Salem. Below is our day-to-day schedule for the week of March 22nd-27th. 

Point System:

Every participant will have the opportunity to accumulate points throughout the week. Participation in virtual and in-person events will be worth 10 points. Points earned will go towards an individual or the team that the individual signs up through. Earn enough points throughout the week and you will get a chance to attend the final ceremony on Saturday, March 27th in person!

Week Of Calendar:

Monday (Dance)
  • Wake ‘N Shake Playlist #1
  • Morale Dance Tik Tok Challenge (Points available)

Tuesday (Stand)
  • Wake ‘N Shake Playlist #2
  • Distanced 1.6-mile (Points Available)

Wednesday (Ask)
  • Wake ‘N Shake Playlist #3
  • Social Media Bingo Board Challenge
  • Fundraising Hour

Thursday (Laugh)
  • Wake ‘N Shake Playlist #4
  • A fun challenge to make you laugh (Virtual or in-person TBD, Points Available)

Friday (Remember)
  • Wake ‘N Shake Playlist #5
  • Distanced Luminary Walk on the Quad (Points Available)
  • Virtual Streaming of Brian’s Song 

Saturday (Share)
  • Wake ‘N Shake Playlist #6
  • Streaming of Final Hour Ceremony