What is Wake ‘N Shake?

Wake ‘N Shake is an annual twelve hour long dance marathon at Wake Forest University that raises money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. This year, Wake ‘N Shake will pivot to a hybrid format, taking place throughout the week of March 22nd to March 27th. 

What is the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund?

The Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund supports cancer research initiatives. The fund was created in honor of Brian Piccolo, a Wake Forest Running Back who went on to play for the Chicago Bears who lost his life to cancer at the age of 26. Brian Piccolo passed away in 1970.  To learn more about Brian Piccolo and his story, watch Brian’s Song.

When and where does Wake ‘N Shake take place? 

Due to the pandemic, Wake ‘N Shake 2021 is pivoting to a primarily virtual event. We will be hosting virtual fundraising challenges and interactive events throughout the week of March 22nd to March 27th. The events of the week will culminate in an hour-long streaming of our traditional final hour. We hope to hold this in person throughout campus in outdoor tents, but this event will be moved to a virtual setting if the environment of the school deems that necessary. Throughout the week, dancers will hear from champions via recorded speeches. Check out our Instagram @wfuwakenshake to find out this year’s theme!

How do I sign up?

Follow this link to sign up.

Can I join a team?

Yes! At the end of your registration, there will be an option to join a team. Scroll to find the team you would like to join or create your own!

How should I raise money?

After registering, each dancer will have their own profile for fundraising. Check out our fundraising tips page for ideas on how to contribute to Wake ‘N Shake’s cause! 

What is a champion?

Champions are individuals who have fought or are continuing to fight cancer. Each year, eight individuals are invited to attend Wake ‘N Shake and share their stories with the dancers. To meet some of our past champions, and check out this year’s champions be sure to browse our champions page.


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