2021 Event FAQs

What is Wake ‘N Shake?

Wake ‘N Shake is typically a twelve hour long dance marathon at Wake Forest University that raises money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. Due to the pandemic, Wake ‘N Shake 2021 will pivot to a hybrid format as detailed in the 2021 tab. 

What is the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund?

The Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund supports cancer research initiatives. The fund was created in honor of Brian Piccolo, a Wake Forest Running Back who went on to play for the Chicago Bears who lost his life to cancer at the age of 26. Brian Piccolo passed away in 1970.  To learn more about Brian Piccolo and his story, watch Brian’s Song.

When and where does Wake ‘N Shake take place?

Wake ‘N Shake will be taking place virtually with some in-person elements during the week of March 22nd-27th.

How can I register?

Find the link to register here.

What is the $20 registration fee for?

The $20 registration fee goes towards a signature Wake ‘N Shake 2021 t-shirt and a free meal on your team’s designated day. 

How should I raise money?

After registering, each dancer will have their own profile for fundraising. Check out our fundraising tips page for ideas on how to contribute to Wake ‘N Shake’s cause! 

What happens if the Campus Operating Status changes? 

Wake ‘N Shake 2021 is prepared to go fully virtual should COVID-19 cases on campus spike causing the campus operating status to change. 

How can I participate if I am in quarantine/isolation the week of the event?

A lot of the events throughout the week will feature virtual elements, which will make it easy to participate even in isolation or quarantine.

How do I receive points?

Points are received for participating in virtual and in-person events during the week of. Activities to earn points include but are not limited to: tik tok morale challenge, 1.6-mile walk, pie in the face, and the luminary walk.